Micro Businesses

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
-Chinese Proverb

Many individuals world wide are seeking to do God's work and find themselves unable to do so because of lack of financial support.   
CLiM wants to create an opportunity for these individuals to support themselves in minstry by utilizing the gift that God has given them. We provide  training in the area of entrepreneurialship, leadership, budget and micro-loans to these individuals and to be accountable to CLiM and their own  leadership circle.


Motor Taxi

Our heart is to help leaders and pastors around the world to identify their gifts and the passion that God has for them. By using these gifts, we harness them in a business setting, that will allow them to be self sustaining, instead of relying on outside donation or church offering. 
These pastors in Myanmar are from smaller towns and villages. Tithing and offerings from their congregation are insufficient to sustain a pastor. 
We help to provide entrepreneurial, leadership and budgeting management skills, using their gifts and passion to run their business. As a result, we have pastors that are able to support their family and ministry, and fulfill their calling to lead their churches. 


Bakery and Catering

In Colombia we have been helping a local ministry with providing training in the area of catering and bakery.  The ministry has been given an industrial mixer as well as licensed training.  The ministry has helped provide this training to the community people (people of very low income)  Throught the certification the people involved in the training will then be able to find a better source of income and start coming out of poverty.  
The income from the bakery and catering services will then go on to help fund the local ministry as well as help to keep on training childen and people in this community.


Chickens and Goats

Many of our pastors in Nepal are farmers and have the heart to reach out to the unreach people groups in the Himalayas. These ministries are difficult, as they have to trek harsh terrains, just to reach to another village.
Our pastors have the heart to bring the Word to these people and has skills to farm chickens.
CLiM helped the pastors to start their business to acquire chickens and coop. From the income they receive from the sale of chickens and eggs, they were able to expand their ministry, without relying on donations and gifts.


Shoe Making

New Ventures

  • Nepal -  White water rafting equipment
  • Peru - Community Kitchen
  • Dominican Republic- Bottled water company
  • India- Tailoring business for battered women
  • Colombia- Aquaphonic plantations for native people