Is your church looking to do international missions? Are you having a hard time even starting?  Let us help you out! We at CLiM can be your mission arm and contextualize to your church's needs. We will guide you through this process to help you engaged your congregation in what the Lord is doing world wide.

At CLiM we seek to partner with and bring together churches commited to building the body of Christ.  Our desire is to build lasting relationships and partnerships amongst churches and ministries in different nations. Is your church ready to start working with other believers to bring the GREAT COMMISION  to fruition?

If so, we would love to partner with you!



This continent is truly a melting pot of cultures, languages, religions and customs.  The people in this region are dedicated and committed. 

Their word is their bond.  Learn the cultural concept of "Saving Face" and how this influences many mindsets in the culture.  Build a relationship with its people let the Lord reveal to you what it means to pick up your cross and follow HIM...


Known for it's warm and inviting people as well as the great joy they carry even among 

dire hardships, the people in this region  will teach you a thing or two about rejoicing in the midst of trials. They beat at the rhythm of their own drum. Encounter the Lord in this Continent and learn what it means to surrender it all!


It's just a "fairly short" flight away. Practice your Spanish and learn about a group of people that will love you the first time they meet you. They will treat you like family.  This region is a great place to learn about flexibility  as well as patience all this as you are  enjoying  every moment the Lord gives you.


Are you a homeschooling family or a Christian School? Are you looking for interactive and Christ centered opportunities to encourage your students and family members in their walk with the Lord? 

Look no further!

Join us in working with the body of Christ worldwide.  
You will have a great chance to learn as you work together with other believers and come one step closer to fulfilling the great commission!